Use these logo design techniques to create your new logo.

When you create your logo, you will be coming up with a symbol or a stylish way of writing your company name that you will subsequently use to represent the entirety of your brand. This is no small matter then, as you are going to be using that image in every piece of marketing and on every product and service you put out.

So it needs to be good. How do you make sure it is?

The Idea Phase

Coming up with logo design ideas is going to be the hardest part to start with but there are a few ways you can get over that blank screen staring back at you.

The first is to look for inspiration. Create a mood board by collecting anything that gives you ideas or that you like the looks of. At the same time, draw down all the related images and symbols that you associate with your industry or niche.

Next, you’re going to try combining that imagery in various ways alongside your company name written in various fonts. Don’t be afraid at this stage to try things that don’t work – just throw out every idea and see what sticks. You should end up with a few different designs which you can then choose from by asking around. As a rule, the simpler ones are preferable as they will prove to be more versatile ultimately.It’s worth noting at this stage that the colors you choose are likely to affect the coloring of your website, of your products and more – so don’t choose a color that’s too garish!

The Creation

Now to make your Logo Design Ideas a reality  you need to use vector software, the most popular example of which is Adobe Illustrator. This software has the advantage of creating images that you can subsequently edit with ease and which you can scale to any size with no loss of quality.You might find in future that you need to use different versions of your logo. For instance, if your logo is white and it needs to appear on a white background, then you might have to invert it or make it a light grey. Illustrator will allow you to do this quickly and easily, as will having a relatively straightforward and simple logo to begin with. Follow this advice then and you’ll be able to ensure your branding works in as many different situations as possible.



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