Custom Design Projects

Silva Harapetian


The client was looking create material to leverage a speaking opportunity. She wanted the branding to be lively. The client is an inspiration speaker and wanted her design and branding to reflect the tone of her presentation. The marketing material was built around a photo from a photo shoot I had with her. It reflected her spirit and personality.

Services rendered:

  • Branding
  • Book Design
  • Print Collateral
  • Website Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Photography

“Shawn is a master at branding. He is an expert at looking at all of the elements of your brand and pulling them together seamlessly so that it communicates and evokes emotion. He is such a visionary when it comes to taking what you want to create and bringing into life in photos and design.”

- Silva Harapetian / CEO Silva Media Group

Book Design

The design of the book cover required the use of a tall yet crisp font that allowed the message of the book to jump off the page. The colors, text layout, and image used was aligned with the upbeat and happy personality of the client.

Marketing Flyers

The same look of the book was used to create a compelling flyer that was designed as a giveaway and a call to action.

Business Cards

It was important that the branding was cohesive. Her business cards were also designed to reflect the inspirational message behind the brand.

Custom Brochures

The tri-fold brochures were created to give the ideal customers a more in-depth overview of the company and their offerings. The brochures were used as handouts and mailers.

Retractable Banner

The retractable banner was designed to call attention to an area where the client would be talking to conference attendees and selling books.

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